Remembrance Round - 11/12 November
Date of Event : Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:47PM

Mosman Cricket Club remembers the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our freedoms, including the freedom to play and enjoy the game of cricket.

Mosman Cricket Club “Remembrance Round”


Prior to each MCC home game this weekend the following (or similar) is encouraged to be read out to the teams just prior to commencement of play by the team captain or team Manager.


“We stand together to take a moment to Remember all Australians who sacrificed their life in military service for the freedoms we enjoy today, particularly the freedom to come together as 22 players and umpires to play cricket in a safe environment.

At this time and at this place, we will pay special tribute to those cricketers who went on to serve our nation, but never returned for a second innings.

In WWI 52 members of the Mosman Cricket Club served, and 8 did not return for a second innings. Those 8 were:


Ernest Bennett

Reginald Cannon

Reginald Cook

Arthur Lloyd

Harry Reynolds

Phillip Woodforde

Laurence Workman

William Wright


In WWII 128 members of the MCC served, and 10 did not return for a second innings.  Those 10 were:


Thomas Bell

Keith Bishop

Clive Calvert

Warren Day

Cecil Glover

Frederick Glover

Llondha Holland

William Lipscomb

Geoffrey Schaffer

Richard Waddy


We now pause for a moments silence in respect of their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all fallen Australians.


[30 seconds of silence]


Lest we forget


[All]  Lest we forget.


Thank you all.”

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Author: Andrew Condon