Cricket Equipment


Covid-19 has placed restrictions on equipment for season 2020/21. We are yet to receive the official guidelines from Cricket NSW but it will likely see no sharing of any equipment.

Cricket Clothing


MCC cricket shirts

All MCC NSJCA cricketers are required to wear a MCC cricket shirt. These are long sleeved to be sun-safe. They are available for purchase as part of the registration process. We carry all sizes. School or other cricket shirts are NOT permitted.


Cricket trousers

White or cream cricket pants are recommended again from a sun-safe perspective but also to provide greater comfort when wearing batting or wicket keeping pads. MCC does not supply cricket trousers and these can be purchased from local sports shops.


Floppy sun hats

Wide-brim MCC floppy hats are recommended for all U9 and U10 players in particular and are available for purchase as part of the registration process.


Training kit and cap

Every MCC NSJCA player are provided with a MCC training shirt, shorts and cap as part of their registration fees.

The wearing of training kit is MANDATORY at team training/academy sessions at Balmoral. Why? Because it means we can easily identify our kids and ensure they are safe and supervised. Again, the wearing of school or other kit is NOT permitted. Persistent offenders will be asked to sit out training.

20:20 Friday night boys and girls programs are also provided with a training shirt and cap for the same reason.