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NSW Premier Cricket - First Grade
The Belvidere Cup
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The Belvidere Cup was donated to the NSW Cricket Association by former Australian representative, Dr Percy Charlton. The silver cup was known as the New South Wales Cricket Association Championship Cup and was won by the Belvidere Cricket Club in 1882. In 1931, surviving members of the Club, through Dr Charlton, expressed the wish that the cup should be accepted by the Association for perpetual competition connected with Grade Competitions, and at its meeting in March of that year, the Association resolved that the cup would be competed for by the First Grade teams with the condition that it should not pass from the Association`s keeping. The initial First Grade Premiership was contested in 1893/94, and was won by East Sydney.

Parramatta are the reigning Premiers

NSW Premier Cricket - First Grade
First Grade Limited-Overs Cup
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NSW Premier Cricket - Second Grade
The Albert Cup
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Named after the Albert Club, founded in 1852, and originally known as the Albert Cricket Club Cup, it was presented to J Rowley for the highest batting aggregate in season 1889/90. The Albert Cup was donated to the NSWCA by the son of the recipient and has been awarded to the winner of the Second Grade competition since 1940/41.

Recent Premiers:
2015/2016 - Sydney
2014/2015 - Sydney University
2013/2014 - Sydney University
2012/2013 - Sydney University
2011/2012 - Sydney University
2010/2011 - North Sydney
2009/2010 - St George

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