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Batting Partnerships

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1152 Harry Hannell - Nathan Doyle Mosman Cricket ClubThird Grade5 1 Sydney
2132 Jack Robinson - Ben Barwise Mosman Cricket ClubU14 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over6 1 U13s 20 over team
3159 Lachlan Hearne - William Buttleman Mosman Cricket ClubPoidevin-Gray Shield7 1 UNSW
4100 Sunil Sajdeh - David Norton Mosman Cricket ClubFourth Grade7 1 Eastern Suburbs
5100 Umer Dar - Ritish Sethi Mosman Cricket ClubSportsWave Metropolitan Cup4 1 Penrith
669 Aadil Khalil - Jordan Thompson Mosman Cricket ClubSecond Grade5 1 Sydney
7113 Nathan Hinton - Matthew Bell Mosman Cricket ClubSecond Grade6 1 UTS North Sydney
8123 Ashley Doolan - Jake Turner Mosman Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 Manly-Warringah
9114 William Buttleman - George Condon Mosman Cricket ClubSecond Grade7 1 Eastern Suburbs
1049 George Condon - Thomas Slack Mosman Cricket ClubSecond Grade4 1 Manly-Warringah

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